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So much of Irpin is rubble. Here are some photos from today, of the shattered homes. My mind was doing a needs-assessment for the eventual rebuilding of this beautiful country, but my stomach felt nauseated when looking at the debris left after this massacre. To me right now, ‘standing with Ukraine’ means ‘standing on rubble’. This is unbelievable and heartbreaking.

I visited several neighborhoods. One is where a regional manager of Peace Corps Ukraine lives. My former Peace Corps Medical Officer, Dr. Valerii Gontarenko, took me to the manager’s Irpin house, which had the roof blown apart by artillery.

His neighbor brought me into the remains of his house next door. It affected me since he is nice and his home looked like it was hit by a hundred artillery shells. It used to be an idyllic home surrounded by trees. The gym room contained melted exercise equipment. The laundry room still had a washing machine which was badly melted, but it stood there defiant.

Slava Ukraiini 🇺🇦

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