Ukraine’s Guardian Angel

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If Ukraine has a guardian angel, then it is Lyudmyla Kozlovska. 🇺🇦
She and the charity organization that she runs, called “Open Dialogue Foundation,” are great at saving lives in Ukraine. They have generously provided me with tourniquets and bandages for my godson’s father and his Ukrainian army unit, first aid kits, protective vests, etc. Some supplies she gave for free once she knew it was for my Ukrainian friends who really could use them. She works tirelessly to raise donations to cover her costs. Lyudmila is a true hero of Ukrainians.
I was shocked to learn from her today that over $15,000 of her protective gear in Ukraine was stolen!
These were intended for Ukrainian military folks, and she cried knowing that they were depending on this supply, only to be so rudely deprived. How could anybody steal from not just the Ukrainian military efforts, but steal from someone who gives so many needed things away for free?
Please help Lyudmila and the Open Dialogue Foundation recover their funds by donating to them, so they can keep helping Ukrainians in their time of need.

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