Horrors of Bucha

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I became numb when seeing the aftermath of Russian atrocities in Bucha. When arriving in Kyiv with the ambulances, I saw my first buildings destroyed by Russian rocket attacks, and it tore a hole in my gut emotionally. Later, seeing more destruction in Irpin was another emotional blow, and caused my shoulders and stomach to shake.

By the time we arrived to the demolished places in Bucha, I ran out of emotion and began to look at the damage clinically like a doctor. My body was overloaded and went into an automatic “self-protect” mode. If it didn’t, my heart would have fallen through my nauseated stomach.

Although the war fighting shifted to the east and south, this destruction around Kyiv did not disappear. These cities and lives within them are still destroyed. I don’t hear much about these places in the news anymore though.

Here’s what’s left of Bucha’s “Epicenter” building-materials store (similar to Home Depot in US). Ukrainians will need these stores, in order to rebuild.

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