Shipping Artwork from Ukraine

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I went to the FedEx store to ship out some of the terrific paintings that were sold during the Ed’s Friends Ukraine “Save Our Teacher – Children’s Art Auction.” Their new owners will soon enjoy these works of art in person.

Ukrainian elementary school students donated their artwork to support their art teacher who lost her home in bombing attacks near Kyiv, and also to help with shipping a cargo container of medical supplies from the US to Ukraine. So far, over $2,000 has been raised. Check out the auction on our Facebook page or email to join the bidding. When your bid wins, please use the Children’s Art Auction campaign on our homepage or use the button below to donate your bid.

While preparing the shipments, a FedEx employee walked over to admire and enjoy the artwork created by these talented 8 – 9-year-old students. These paintings have an incredible power to spread hope and joy around the world!

Славаa Україні 🇺🇦

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