Support us in shipping medical supplies to Ukraine’s frontline!

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We are repacking to fit more medical supplies into the 40-foot container we are shipping US-Ukraine to support wounded Ukrainians.

Ed’s Friends Ukraine will be shipping a 40-foot container of medical supplies from the US to Ukraine in order to support Ukrainian front-line defenders and civilians. We are repacking the container to ship more medical supplies and soon trucks with more supplies will be arriving so we will be spending more time packing again shortly.

Ed’s Friends Ukraine is auctioning paintings by war-affected Ukrainian children who donated their artworks to help their teacher who has lost her home near Kyiv due to bombing attacks and to help with shipping costs of these medical supplies to Ukraine. Check out the auction on our Facebook page or email to join the bidding. When your bid wins, please use the Children’s Art Auction campaign on our homepage or use the button below to donate your bid.

Thanks to friends including Olesya Dudar Pritchard, Jake Pritchard, Rymma Dudar, Odnoroh Lida, Лавриенко Татьяна, Marco Johnson, Valerii Gontarenko, Alena Jacobs, Nataliya Krasovska-Cabe, Oksana Toporina, Taras Dudar, Tom Knox, Ukrainian Cultural Club of Dallas, and more great supporters. Together we will win!

Славаa Україні 🇺🇦

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