Fifth Trip Completed

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5th trip from USA to Ukraine to deliver humanitarian aid, is complete.


Delivered vehicles, Stryker orthopedic small fragments locking plate system, IFAK first aid kits, tourniquets, field medical beds and mattresses, protective gear, food, an ambulance to the Mykolaiv local branch of the Red Cross (who are independent and not funded by the International Red Cross), and several other kinds of medical and humanitarian supplies to the front line defenders of Ukraine.

This is huge thanks to my friend James Spenceley and his over 2,000 Australian donors who make this possible. Thanks to all donors to Ed’s Friends Ukraine. Much gratitude to Stryker Trauma, Dr. Tom Knox, Dr. Steve Orten and Mark Kemp for Stryker plates. Also, thanks to the US Peace Corps Medical Officers, the RPCV Alliance for Ukraine who helped fund an ambulance, the Ukrainian Cultural Club of Dallas for amazing support and donations, Wheels of Victory Charity for critical vehicle support inside Ukraine, the Open Dialogue Foundation / Fundacja Otwarty Dialog for medical beds and other aid, my colleagues at Toyota, my friends and family who support in so many ways, and countless unseen volunteers in the background for their sacrifice and assistance. And thanks to a great ambulance team – you guys are awesome.

My heart goes out to Ukrainian friends forced to live a refugee life, who want nothing more than to go home.

Please support our continuing efforts to help Ukraine by donating at:
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