Delivering Ambulances

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Working with my friend James Spenceley and his Australian donors, we brought 7 emergency vehicles (ambulances, bus, 4×4 van and pickup truck) from the EU into Ukraine. Importing them takes time, even when the line of cars is not that long. We do this about once per month. This ambulance I’m driving was donated by Ed’s Friends Ukraine and RPCV Alliance for Ukraine. The last two pictures below are of an ambulance which we delivered and donated to the Mykolaiv regional office of the Red Cross. We are glad to support Arkady Dabagyan who runs the Mykolaiv Red Cross branch (not funded by International Red Cross) and is doing incredible things. He is a Ukrainian hero.  Thanks to my friend James Spenceley and other friends for making this happen. Incredible friends. I would not be in this happy photo if not for you.  Слава Україні 🇺🇦  You can help buy more ambulances for Ukraine. We bring them to locations near the front where they are needed most. Help us fund our next round and donate now!

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