Why the Ultrasound is so Useful on the Ukrainian Frontline

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Every day, brave men and women are risking their lives on the frontlines in Ukraine, fighting for their country’s safety and freedom. Many of these heroes are being injured in the line of duty, and medical resources are often scarce. And when they are injured, they rely on the dedication of medical professionals like Tata Marharian, who is the commander of the medical evacuation crew of the Medical Battalion Hospitallers, who work tirelessly to save lives. Thanks to the support of generous donors, our organization has been able to send crucial medical equipment like Ultrasound devices to Ukraine to aid in this effort. In the following video, Tata expresses her gratitude for this vital support and explains why this Ultrasound device is particularly useful on the frontline.

We are now raising funds for another Ultrasound device to send to Ukraine. This simple, portable device treats wounded soldiers and can mean the difference between life and death. Below, on this page, you can contribute to this campaign. Your donation will ensure that these brave soldiers have the medical care needed to recover from injuries so they can continue to fight for Ukraine’s future. Thank you!

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