Auctioning Paintings at the Ukraine Cultural Club of Dallas

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After the One Year of War auto rally in Dallas this weekend, the Ukrainian Cultural Club of Dallas gathered for a dinner event hosted by Gourmet Room. This authentic Ukrainian restaurant is owned by my friend Tatyana Neuner.

The Ukrainian folk music group Veselka sang and began their performance with a moment of silence, followed by singing the Ukrainian national anthem and the American national anthem.

At this event, Ed’s Friends held an auction of these children’s artworks. Ukrainian children in Texas supported these children artists far away across the ocean in Ukraine by helping to conduct the auction and get donations for the terrific artworks. We sold 8 paintings for donations. Ukrainian 8 – 9-year-old elementary school students living in the Kyiv area donated the paintings to Ed’s Friends Ukraine to auction in order to help their country.

The proceeds go to help these young students’ art teacher who lost her home near Kyiv due to bombing attacks. A portion of the proceeds is also going to pay shipping costs of a container of medical supplies sent from Texas to Ukraine.

If you wish to contribute to helping Ukraine, you can check out some of our current campaigns or make a direct donation at our homepage.

Слава Україні 🇺🇦

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