Ed’s Friends and Donors Featured in The Baxter Bulletin Newspaper

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Today, an article about our direct aid to Ukraine was published in the Baxter Bulletin newspaper in Arkansas. Although our donors are not motivated by recognition, they understand it is necessary to spread awareness of this Ukrainian aid, and its importance, so potential donors learn of this opportunity to join and help.

Over the last year, Ed’s Friends Ukraine received a quarter million dollars worth of medical equipment and supplies from this group of friends, who are doctors and medical company representatives in Arkansas, USA.

Ed’s Friends delivered these supplies from storage houses in the US to civilian and military hospitals in Ukraine. These caring medical donors informed me that after this last batch, they already have more medical supplies to donate, so we continue our terrific partnership to help Ukraine.

These donations were made possible because of great friends, Dr. Tom Knox and John Towne. And thank you to Dr. Steve Orten, Mark Kemp, and Dr. Alex Orten for putting good people together. Gratitude for the caring generosity of Baxter Health and their CEO Ron Peterson, Director of Materials Management Julia Blanchard, Lindy Barclay, Richard Morgan, and Alvin Butler. Gratitude to the great people at Smith & Nephew. Thank you Helen Mansfield. There are so many others behind the scenes, along the way from Arkansas to Texas to Ukraine, who deserve thanks. Thank you all for your critical support for Ukraine.

If anyone wishes to support our activities, we would be grateful for a small donation by credit card or PayPal made at: www.edsfriends.org

Слава Україні 🇺🇦

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