Thank you Ukrainian Mothers

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For all Ukrainian mothers, thank you. 🇺🇦I can’t imagine the extreme concern experienced by Ukrainian mothers right now. Especially the ones who’s sons, daughters, spouses, risk their lives to defend not just their homeland, but freedom and justice for the rest of the world. When Oleksandra asked me to help her injured son with protective gear so that he could return to fight, my heart broke. He has been defending the front, and lost many of his teammates. And then she thanks us for helping, which is backwards. The world should thank her, and other mothers like her, and their heroic families. Deep appreciation to the donors, please know that your contributions directly save lives! Ukraine needs your continued help. Thank you to Roman Oleksenko and Roman Orfinyak, who work relentlessly for Ukraine and made this delivery possible. Thanks to Lyudmyla Kozlovska for your valuable support. Thanks to all others who help support Ukraine. Heroyam Slava 🇺🇦

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