Severodonetsk Volunteers Need Funding!

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I just chatted with my friend, Nataliya Bugayova, who is originally from Severdonetsk, a heavily bombarded city in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, that needs our help. Nataliya’s friend Brian Milakovsky, an American living in Sevrodonetsk, has been funding/supporting 5 different teams of volunteers, who evacuate (using old buses, minivans, ambulances, cars) the trapped elderly, disabled, and other vulnerable civilians, and bring them to displaced-persons centers and train stations. They bring supplies to bomb shelters (food, water, medicines, fuel, dog food), and pull people out of increasingly hellish conditions.

Brian raised $155k so far and is trying to reach $200k in donations. Although I have my own fund raising efforts, Nataliya and Brian are making a difference and need our support. All his funding goes directly to trusted volunteers, with no overhead. Here’s Brian’s GoFundMe link:…/dsvcsp-assisting-ukrainian…

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