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I admire how Ukrainians have so much gratitude. Today, while buying a vishyvanka (embroidered shirt) in Lviv, I told the shopkeeper about the ambulance and vehicles that my team just donated and delivered to the front. I mentioned that we are volunteers from Australia, USA and Poland. When I looked up from the embroidery, I saw that she was crying because she realized that people from around the world want to come support her homeland.

To thank me, she wrapped a nice bracelet with the Ukrainian trident around my wrist and refused to take my money for it. I’ve done thankless things in my life, but helping Ukrainians is not one of them.

Ivan Fedorov is the mayor of Melitopol who needs ambulances and vehicles to rescue stranded civilians and casualties. I cannot imagine the difficulty of his job during this war. Yet, he has taken time to make and give me this beautiful token of his gratitude. This plaque also belongs to the many unseen volunteers in the background. Thank you Ivan Fedorov and the Ukrainian people. I am deeply touched.

Slava Ukraiini 🇺🇦


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