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I am proud to call James Spenceley my friend. Aside from being a member of Australia’s North Sydney Council government, he is also one of the most impactful supporters of Ukraine with whom I have the honor to work. He’s a hero to Ukrainian people, and to me as well.

On April 30, James reached out and asked if we should come up with a plan together to maximize our help to Ukrainians.

Today, I am working with James, as he pushes relentlessly to raise money, do interviews, acquire ambulances, fill them with humanitarian aid, and deliver convoys of vehicles to the combat areas that need these to evacuate casualties.

Everywhere we go in Ukraine, James does live interviews on various Australian news programs, to update Australians on the current situation in Ukraine. His interviews help to generate funding to buy ambulances. Cumulative donations to his GoFundMe has surpassed $201,000.

Thank you to James and to Australian donors for supporting Ukraine!

Donate to James’ GoFundMe:

Donate to Ed’s Friends Ukraine:

Slava Ukraiini 🇺🇦


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