Ed's Friends Newsletter No. 2

There's a lot going on in the news right now. We've had some exciting and promising stories from Ukraine lately. But it can still be easy to forget the desperate need for humanitarian aid and equipment that Ukraine faces on a daily basis - either because things fade into the background, or because we assume that the positive momentum will continue without our help. Progress comes at a high cost in terms of casualties to Ukraine's soldiers, and the need for humanitarian aid is greater now than ever before. Our team on the ground in Ukraine (as well as Ed during his monthly visits) sees this need firsthand. Despite everything that's being done on a larger scale to help Ukraine, your donations absolutely make a difference.

This has been particularly true lately with some of the vehicle and ambulance purchases we've been making. If you follow Ed on Facebook (or check out our blog posts) you can read about the stories behind some of these deliveries, including the delivery of an ambulance to support the Red Cross in Mykoliav, which you can see in the photo below. Each of these ambulances and the lives they save (and we know firsthand that they do save lives) help ensure that a brave soldier fighting on the front lines in Ukraine has a chance to survive and one day return to their parents, spouses, or children, and contribute to Ukraine's next chapter.

For this newsletter, we're excited to announce our second $10k matching challenge! We're calling this one the "4x4 $10k Challenge." Another generous anonymous donor will be matching your contributions up to $10,000, and these funds will be used to acquire 4x4 ambulances for use in transporting wounded soldiers. At Ed's Friends, we always prioritize the quick delivery of much-needed items as soon as we identify the need. While this has allowed us to put money to use quickly, it also means that our available money frequently runs out. Right now is one of those times, and we're facing the tough prospect of not being able to help despite urgent pleas from our partners in Ukraine. So we're asking our friends and donors to help again. Let's keep this good momentum going and see Ukraine through to victory and recovery!

While all donations are greatly appreciated and put to immediate use, we are particularly in need of a more steady flow of money to help us better plan and predict what we can provide. In addition to the 4x4 Challenge, consider setting up a monthly donation to help us do that - you can do it by clicking on the orange "Donate Now" button at the bottom of this newsletter and checking the box "make this a monthly donation."

Thank you all again and Slava Ukraini!
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